Eco (...Eco ... Eco ...)

Earth Day is on the way. Let's talk about how to highlight your environmental side...

Try t-shirts made from recycled cotton; pens and pencils from recycled or discarded wood products; and water bottles and rulers from recycled plastics. We even have pens made from recycled paper money or recycled denim.

Ask how we can incorporate these kinds of items into your image awareness and community projects.
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What's Here

This little sidebar blog will have featured products or ideas, tangential subjects, etc.

The usual unusual.

Typically I run across a unique product or suite of products. Sometimes I'll run across an example of a great application for a client, or even just a packaging style that sets apart an otherwise mundane product or concept.

Usually the highlighted product or suite will have a link back to a catalog page, but sometimes not. Just enjoy. Comment, or email me with questions.

I'm easy.
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