Go Ergo

From the Space Pen people. Special shape conforms with natural positioning of your hand for a writing experience you have to try. Better yet, your client needs to try it. They'll thank you.

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Self-Powered Marketing

No batteries included. None needed. Ever.

Great as a self-liquidating premium. If you have no idea what that means, no problem. People will love having and keeping this flashlight, which just takes a few cranks to power. Put your logo on it, and get it into their hands.

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Retractable Sharpie ... Brilliant!

Definitely a new trick for an old dog. An even better trick: Put your corporate logo onto this well-known name brand; not bad being associated with utility, convenience, and now, longevity.

One of my favorite blogs, "book of joe", seems to have discovered this brilliant piece of engineering.

Never dry out your Sharpie again from losing the cap. Click retract like a regular pen.

And you thought all the best inventions had come and gone...

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Getting a Kick Out of Your Brand

Get playfull with the way you communicate with your clients and prospects.

These bean bags can be packaged individually or in juggling sets. They are great for team events, seminars, and other gatherings. Can be used for prizes or premiums, learning tools, or incentives.

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Fire Up Your Promotions

Tell your clients and business associates that you think they're HOT STUFF.
This grill set has a huge logo area on the front of the case (4" x 9").

This is a unique way to offer a personal gift that can be used by a vast majority of individuals. Who doesn't barbeque??
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The World in Your Pocket

And Your Logo on the World.

Your client will have piles of storage space for transfering files and saving images and songs, or work-related data. In any case, with your logo on the metal casing they'll know exactly who to thank.

USB storage memory shows up now in pens, keychains, and believe it or not, Swiss Army Knives. This means you have a huge variety of interesting ways to provide an incredibly useful gift or premium that has a high re-use factor and a long life.

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Ask how this might apply to any of your initiatives or plans. We'll be glad chat about it.
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Driving Your Brand

Give knowledge! Your full color message inserted into a welcome gift book. For less than list price you can include a full info page stating the purpose of project or initiative, the company mission statement, or perhaps a tie-in to the book in question and a company theme or product roll-out. Golf season is starting, and Chicken Soup for the Golfer's Soul is a great way to co-brand with a well received series. Almost any book is available so please feel free to contact me about how you might incorporate book gift giving into your marketing solution. Fore!
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Little Jotter, Big Hit

Put your logo mark on a quality name brand like Leed's. This two tone piece is surprisingly inexpensive (doesn't include pen), including your logo placement. Make note: Get more bang for your advertising buck.
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Eco (...Eco ... Eco ...)

Earth Day is on the way. Let's talk about how to highlight your environmental side...

Try t-shirts made from recycled cotton; pens and pencils from recycled or discarded wood products; and water bottles and rulers from recycled plastics. We even have pens made from recycled paper money or recycled denim.

Ask how we can incorporate these kinds of items into your image awareness and community projects.
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What's Here

This little sidebar blog will have featured products or ideas, tangential subjects, etc.

The usual unusual.

Typically I run across a unique product or suite of products. Sometimes I'll run across an example of a great application for a client, or even just a packaging style that sets apart an otherwise mundane product or concept.

Usually the highlighted product or suite will have a link back to a catalog page, but sometimes not. Just enjoy. Comment, or email me with questions.

I'm easy.
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